CAD, CAE and CAM: what's the difference?

Lucas Leão

Posted by Lucas Leão Jul 09, 2020

What is CAD? What is CAE? What is Cam ? What are these softwares and how do they differ from each other?

Using E3.series for Special Vehicles, Transportation and Automotive

Arthur Hoerlle

Posted by Arthur Hoerlle Jun 30, 2020

There are specific design needs and important adaptations in the electrical documentation of agricultural machinery, buses and automotive vehicles. Therefore, a tool that streamlines decisions, documentation and project updates becomes essential.

Learn How to Design for Industrial Automation Using E3.schematic

Arthur Hoerlle

Posted by Arthur Hoerlle Jun 23, 2020

The development of projects for automation of single machines to complete documentation of automating an entire production line, are activities that need solutions to ensure the quality and integrity of the design and manufacture.

Electrical Harnesses with E3.cable, E3.topology and E3.formboard

André Luiz Maculan de Oliveira

Posted by André Luiz Maculan de Oliveira Jun 18, 2020

E3.series is modular software that has segmented features to continuously complement project documentation. With that in mind, three modules will be presented that can be implemented continuously and work together to make the documentation process even more robust, fast and reliable.

[NEW] E3.schematic Course - Your Project from Zero to Professional

Arthur Hoerlle

Posted by Arthur Hoerlle Jun 04, 2020

The Engineering team of Cim-Team Latinmarket prepared the new E3.schematic L1 course, the complete course that will teach you how to build a professional engineering project.  Check out:

10 Most Common Mistakes in Electrical Design Software

Lucas Leão

Posted by Lucas Leão Mar 16, 2018

Device name duplication early in design, broken links for cross-referencing between components, and time consuming component generation, these are just some of the mind numbing errors that happen when generating an electrical design in low quality CAD software. These mistakes that take an enormous amount of your time to fix, are just the tip of the iceberg. This article will dive into the wonderful calamities that all electrical engineers eventually run into. And just for fun let us make it the 10 Most Common Mistakes in Electrical Design Software.

ECAD for Easy Wiring Harness Industrial Design

Lucas Leão

Posted by Lucas Leão Dec 19, 2017

Electronic integration and interconnecting wiring design for modern industries are growing in complexity. Ensuring that companies are in the forefront of quality design demand is ever so important. The real question is how can companies accommodate the increased demand for quality products  and still remain within a competitive cost? This article goes into showing how powerful electrical computer aided design programs can bring that competitive advantage for wiring harness manufacturers.

CAD vs CAE vs CAM: What is the Difference?

Lucas Leão

Posted by Lucas Leão Sep 27, 2017

What is CAD? What is CAE? What is CAM? What are these softwares and how are they different from one another? The first thing to know about all three of these systems is the first two letters in each abbreviation. “CA” stands to Computer-Aided, which means that all three systems are created to help the user to achieve his goal faster by using the power of computers for processing. The last letter for CAD, is Design, for CAE, is Engineering, and for CAM, is Manufacturing. These are engineering and manufacturing software programs. Each one is has its own purpose. The article will dive into a high-level look at all three systems and how they are used and their overall purpose.

PLC Selection and Proper Documentation Systems

Lucas Leão

Posted by Lucas Leão Jan 20, 2017

Last week we dived into the fine world of PLCs and what they can offer manufacturing and supply industries. This time we are going to look at PLCs in a very technical aspect addressing how to properly select one for your application, and the important documentation system that makes life easier for engineers and technicians.

Distribution System Planning and Design

Lucas Leão

Posted by Lucas Leão Jul 06, 2016

Power distribution systems need detailed care and consideration when planning and designing. The power system is crucial to keep day to day operations functioning properly. Let us look at some of the important aspects distribution system planning and design.

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