Visualize and Test Equipment Placement with E3.topology

Save time by working on schematics and equipment placement simultaneously. E3.topology includes all the functionality of E3.functionaldesign and is an add-on to E3.cable.


E3.topology enables engineers working in the schematic to focus on development without having to consider physical constraints, while those working on topology focus on the layout and optimizing component placement and harnesses. 


For Transportation Design

E3.topology helps you quickly visualize the placement of equipment and quickly test alternate harness configurations.


Integrated Vehicle Topology Design: Devices added to schematics are immediately available for placement in topology

  • Visualize 2D equipment placement
  • Drag & drop components
  • Create rough cost estimates

For Plant Layout Design

E3.topology goes a step further and helps you automatically do all the wiring and routing, and optimize your configuration.


Topological Plant Layout Planning: Automatically wire through valid pathways and test different configurations to optimize the design.

  • Automatically route the wiring through valid pathways (the tool won’t let you add a cable through a cable tray where it doesn’t fit, or through a corner where it can’t bend)
  • Create exact cost estimates and detail length, weight and diameter of segments
  • Drag & drop components
  • Test alternative configurations
  • Recalculate and compare to previous options


Transportation industries and plant layout optimization.



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