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E3.Student - Free Download for Students and Courses

Arthur Hoerlle

Posted by Arthur Hoerlle Jun 11, 2021

Learn more about the study version of E3.series, E3.Student and see how to download it for students and those interested in solutions for electrical projects.

Electrical Projects E3.series - Panel Creation

Arthur Hoerlle

Posted by Arthur Hoerlle Jun 10, 2021

In this article, we show how the beginning of creating a panel can be simple and fast inside E3.series.

Differences between CAD, CAE and E3.series Advantages

Arthur Hoerlle

Posted by Arthur Hoerlle Jun 04, 2021

The product creation process requires design, engineering and manufacturing steps. With this, different tools and solutions are created to specifically meet each demand. So, in this article you can learn a little better about the differences between CAD and CAE tools. See below:

Electrical Projects E3.series - Creation and Editing of Cables

Arthur Hoerlle

Posted by Arthur Hoerlle Jun 02, 2021

In this video, we show how the creation and editing of cables can be easy and intuitive inside E3.series. Cables are created as components of the database editor to later be added to your project sheet. Options such as shielding and twisted pair can be added and are graphically represented. Also, new components can be edited from existing ones and inherit the specifications and characteristics to facilitate and streamline your process.

E3.formboard - The Complete and Automated Documentation for Electrical Harnesses

Arthur Hoerlle

Posted by Arthur Hoerlle Jun 01, 2021

The engineering for creating electrical harnesses is quite complex and often demands large design hours. Therefore, to make this process faster and more reliable, we present the E3.formboard solution.

New Course Packages and E3.series Download

Arthur Hoerlle

Posted by Arthur Hoerlle May 28, 2021

E3.series technical training courses are available in new packages at discounted prices! See each of them below:

E3.series Electrical Projects - Terminal Creation

Arthur Hoerlle

Posted by Arthur Hoerlle May 27, 2021

In this article we show how to create a terminal strip within E3.series. Read the full article.

Why Design in CAE Software for Electrical Projects and Abandon the old CAD?

Arthur Hoerlle

Posted by Arthur Hoerlle May 21, 2021

The differences between the CAD and CAE software platforms, as we have already discussed, become even more evident when there is an increase in complexity and the need for greater technical detail in electrical projects. When representing a wire, for example, the difference in the use of a tool that is focused on the electrical engineering design process is notable,  in common CAD software, a wire is just any graphical representation, with a line as a symbol. There is no technical information attached, other than its length.

E3.series Electrical Projects - How to Organize Project Sheets

Arthur Hoerlle

Posted by Arthur Hoerlle May 20, 2021

This article shows the process of organizing project sheets in E3.series. The process is smart and fast, making it possible to view sheets in folders and sub-folders.

Complete Courses on E3.series and DOWNLOAD E3.student

Arthur Hoerlle

Posted by Arthur Hoerlle May 14, 2021

The E3.series software is a complete and intelligent E-CAE tool for electrical engineering, making it possible to design cables and harnesses, electrical panels, schematics and manufacture of cables and harnesses.

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