We Specialize in Software Solutions for Electrical Engineers


Cim-Team is specialized in providing E-CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) solutions to Electrical, Pneumatics and Hydraulics applications in Brazil and Latin America.

We are in the a Technology Region of Brazil

Present in the market since 2004 we are established in Canela - Brazil.

Cim-Team, the creator of E3.series

E3.series was created by Cim-Team in Europe. The company was acquired by Zuken in 2004. E3.series is now considered a leading tool for electrical projects worldwide.

Exclusive Zuken partner for Latin America

We have an exclusive partnership with Zuken to resell E3.Series in all Latin America since 2004, and also represent Zuken across the continent providing consulting, technical support and training on the software.

28,000 Engineers trust E3 to make their designs

Our customers include a wide range of company sizes and span across many industries like WEG, ABB, Alstom, Wiretec, Schneider Electric, among many others.

About Zuken

Founded in 1976, Zuken is a multinational company that provides software solutions and services for electrical and electronics engineers around the globe.

Zuken is recognized as one of the world-leading companies in the electrical and electronic software industry. Its robust market position is reinforced by solid financial foundations and a focus on innovation.

Some of the software that Zuken provides include: E3.series, CR 8000, CR500, and Cadstar.

Our partner in success

We have been partnering with Zuken for more than 10 years, to provide Latin America with E3.Series, on the world’s most innovative software for electrical designs.

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Our Promise:

We’ll bring you the most advanced solutions for Electrical Engineering Design, with a support team that understand the urgency and genuinely cares about solving the problem.

Our Guarantee:

Something doesn’t work as expected?  Our support team will work with you until the issue is resolved.
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