Create Block Diagrams in the Early Planning of Your Wire Harness Systems

E3.functionaldesign is an add-on to E3.cable and used to do the first sketches of the wiring. All information carries over to later stages of the design process, so no time is wasted.


Functional Design Diagrams: E3.functionaldesign supports Functional Schematics, Functional Block Design, and Wiring Diagrams 


Integrated Functional Design

Instead of working the functional system in isolation, with E3.functionaldesign everything you do at this stage will pass through to later stages in the design process and integrate with the harness design.

Assist initial calculations

The functional schematic contains functional units and provides a quick overview of a product’s behavior for internal and external communication purposes.

From Functional Units to Physical Components

As the overall design progresses, functional units are converted into physical components. These components contain all pin-out details and signal logic information defined previously, enabling the physical wiring.


All transportation industries




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