E3.viewer Family

View and Comment your E3.series Designs


There are 3 products in the E3.viewer family


Check all project designs in full detail in read-only view

View all native E3.series files

View read-only 

Same GUI as all of E3.series

Search functionality

Highlight functions

Print & Plot

Export to PDF

E3.viewer +

Access all files and generate BOMs

All the functionality of E3.viewer Plus:

More visibility controls

Turn on/off view levels

Change language displayed within the project file

Display Bill Of Materials

User-defined 'Add-Ons' menu for reading and writing any project data


For managers to comment designs and give feedback to the team

For managers to comment designs and give feedback to the team

All the functionality of E3.viewer Plus and:

Add markups and annotations

Copy and insert subcircuits as graphics

Comment recommended field or production changes for the design team

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