Extract any data you need from E3 files with List Builder


Cim-Team’s List Builder helps you reduce the time to generate reports from days to just a few minutes.


Why List Builder, if E3.series already offers customizable list features?

The answer is: List building with E3 still requires some programming, whereas with List Builder you can create any kind of list of materials, connections, etc. in just a few clicks.


Create Any List & Report in a few clicks

  • Fetch any attribute in the database

  • Preview to export

  • Create configuration templates for your team members to use

Easily Manipulate Data

  • Export reports to E3.series, Excel and Open Office

  • Create your own filters to manipulate your data

  • Sort it any way you want

Create Your Project Documentation

  • Calculate the full budget of your project

  • Get detailed descriptions of all connections in the project

  • Generate reports with any attribute

  • Identify any incomplete items in the design


All industries



All E3.series modules


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