Design Your Circuit Boards with E3.logic Schematic System

Create all of your circuit diagrams for your electronic designs with E3.logic, an open CAD solution.


E3.logic can be used as an integrated front-end system for Zuken’s Desktop PCB solution CADSTAR – from schematics up to testing. By simply pressing a button E3.logic designs can be re-used as functional blocks in E3.cable for system documentation. All relevant connector data, signals and attributes are automatically transferred into E3.cable.


Here is some of the E3.logic Functionality

  • Identical base functionality like with all E3.series modules
  • Define pad stacks and production technologies in the database
  • Hierarchical design – nesting to any depth
  • Use proofed schematic modules
  • Supports busses and bus pins for clearly arranged designs


  • Dynamic symbols with interfaces to FPGA Design Tools
  • Define net route codes, net classes and spacing classes
  • Predefine test points and back annotate test point positions
  • Direct transfer of interface connector and signals to E3.cable
  • Forward/backward annotation and Crossprobing with CADSTAR PCB


All industries requiring electronics designs




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