Harness Design with E3.series

Arthur Hoerlle

Posted by Arthur Hoerlle Aug 27, 2021

In this article you can learn how creating electrical harnesses for manufacturing can be simple and intuitive inside E3.series. Harnesses can have different applications such as industrial automation and for the automotive industry. See the full article.

Electrical Projects E3.series 2021- Compatible Connector for Cabling

Arthur Hoerlle

Posted by Arthur Hoerlle Aug 26, 2021

This video shows the function of automatically adding compatible connectors to the project sheet. See the full article and optimize your work.

New Features E3.series 2021 - Part 3

Arthur Hoerlle

Posted by Arthur Hoerlle Aug 06, 2021

In this article, we will continue presenting the new features of E3.series 2021. This time, connectors and plugs, tables, among others are covered. See the full article to further optimize your projects and learn how to use the E3.series tool in the most efficient way for your demand.

E3.series 2021 - New Features for Cables and Harnesses and E3.series Trial

Arthur Hoerlle

Posted by Arthur Hoerlle Jul 30, 2021

In this article, we complement the list of new features in E3.series 2021. This time, the features presented are focused on the demand for cables and harnesses. See the full article and learn what the E3.series 2021 can do for your cabling projects.

E3.series 2021 - New Features for Panels

Arthur Hoerlle

Posted by Arthur Hoerlle Jul 23, 2021

The E3.series 2021 is now available and with it we have prepared a list of new specific features for the creation and development of electrical panel projects.

E3.series Electrical Projects - Creation of Single-Line Component View

Arthur Hoerlle

Posted by Arthur Hoerlle Jul 22, 2021

In this week's tech tip, the creation of a single-line view of a component is presented. A new symbol is created in the database and its text attributes are inserted. Afterwards, a new component, three-line symbol and model are added and the pins are automatically related. At the end, the initially created symbol is added as a single-line view.

E3.series Database Tutorial - E3.student Download and Courses

Arthur Hoerlle

Posted by Arthur Hoerlle Jul 02, 2021

In this article, you will learn some basic concepts about E3.series database such as: Attributes, Attribute Lists, Text Types, Connection Types, Braided Wire Parameters, among others. Besides, the creation of a component will be exemplified and how you can fully learn all the functionalities of the E3.series Database with DOWNLOAD of the tool and Courses.

E3.series Electrical Projects - Panel Routing

Arthur Hoerlle

Posted by Arthur Hoerlle Jul 01, 2021

In this video, E3.series' automatic routing functionality is presented by defining filters. Creating filters is useful because it allows routing to be performed by the desired side and channels. For example, parts of the project that are to be routed from the left can thus be defined with an order within the device property and the routing is done automatically.

How to Document Cables and Harnesses

Arthur Hoerlle

Posted by Arthur Hoerlle Jun 25, 2021

There are numerous challenges faced by harness design and manufacturing teams across all industries. In some, weight is the biggest challenge and in others, signal reliability is paramount. The discussion today is less about using a harness and more about essential information to ensure your design and manufacturing processes work efficiently. Best practices that help significantly reduce the cost and time associated with harness fabrication are applicable from the earliest design stages and continue to be profitable throughout the process.

E3.series Electrical Projects - Symbol Creation

Arthur Hoerlle

Posted by Arthur Hoerlle Jun 24, 2021

Creating symbols in E3.series is fast and intuitive. The symbol is graphically created in a project and exported as DXF/DWG for import into the database editor. Pins are added and device designation and master reference texts can be added.

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