Cim-Team History

The Makings of our Electrical Engineering Solutions Company

In the beginnings...

Cim-Team Europe was a modern and knowledgeable company that created E3.series and had great success with it.   After seeing an opportunity to expand the presence of E3.series into the Latin American market, Cim-Team joined forces with Mr. Frieder Jung, a former HP executive and ex-colleague.

After a short period of time Mr.Frieder Jung onboarded a number of large companies from Latin America, such as ROMI.  As the Latin American business grew, Cim-Team Germany and Mr. Jung formed a joint venture and in 2004, Cim-Team Latin America was born.

A few years later Zuken Inc., a Japanese multinational corporation, acquired Cim-Team Europe and Cim-Team Latin America spinned off into the fully independent entity it is today.

Today Cim-Team Latin America, based in Brazil is one of the most recognized suppliers of electrical design software and consulting.

Cim-Team Latin America’s consistent growth

Since its founding, Cim Tim Latin America has grown an average of 50% year-over-year with a 70% growth in 2008.

Education Partnerships

We have established educational partnerships with more than 40 SENAI´s offices around Brasil and other Universities like FEEVALE, among many others.  Through these partnerships we aim to provide best-in-class training in electrical design, aided by free student version licenses of our software, to electrical engineering students.

Continuous Improvement

We are experts in E3.series and we stay always up-to-date with the latest improvements to the tool.  We are always in the main technical meetings about E3.series since the beginning of the company including the Technical meeting at Ulm in 2012 and at Westford, Massachusetts in 2013.

Major Events and Achievements


  • Launch of Cim -Team in Brazil
  • Frieder Jung (former HP executive and SolidWorks in Brazil) becomes the CEO of the company
  • Stemac, a global leader in transport, standardizes its Engineering process with E3.series
  • CTA (Electric Aerospace Center) chooses E3.series as their electrical design solution
  • Alstom Transport, the global leaders in transport, train and track systems, power plants and turbine makers, implements E3.series alongside its headquarters in France


  • Industrial Pac starts to develop their projects with E3.series
  • Grameyer’s engineering department starts utilizing E3.series
  • Fabio Perini begins working with E3.series
  • ABB Guarulhos Brazil implements E3.series


  • Orteng implements E3.series
  • Cim -Team expands to Colombia, implementing E3.series in Imocom (leader of the metalworking, mining and construction) and Leona (brewery Bavaria Group)
  • AGCO starts using E3.series


  • Implementation of E3.series at Ciser


  • Tramontina choose E3.series as a tool of its Electrical Engineering


  • Cim Team establishes its new headquarters in Porto Alegre, at TECNOPUC


  • Cim Team launches List Builder, a proprietary technology developed to be an additional tool from E3.series 
  • Launched our On-Site specialized training course to help companies get the knowledge of E3.series software needed while coaching and assisting companies with their specific design challenges through on-site consultations throughout the training.
  • Cim-Tim Latin America is made responsible for training Argentina’s and Peru’s ABB Energy Systems Division on best practices in Electrical Design with E3.series.


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Our Promise:

We’ll bring you the most advanced solutions for Electrical Engineering Design, with a support team that understand the urgency and genuinely cares about solving the problem.

Our Guarantee:

Something doesn’t work as expected?  Our support team will work with you until the issue is resolved.
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