Create and Document All of Your Fluid Systems Efficiently with E3.fluid

Design & document your hydraulic, pneumatic, cooling and lubrication schematic designs. E.fluid gives you the same functionality as
E3.schematic but for fluid systems instead of electrical systems.


Integrate Your Fluid and Electrical Design Seamlessly

Design interdependent systems (e.g. electrical and fluid) in one project environment, and bring the whole thing together.

Same intelligent design features of E3.schematic

  • Use pre-approved component libraries

  • Automatic selection of connector pin terminals and mating connectors

  • Automatic correction of hose and tube sizes

  • Smart rule checks prevent errors already upon desiging


Ideal for mixed-domain interconnected systems

  • Mechanical and electrical engineers work independently, yet coordinated

  • Navigate easily between electrical and fluid views while keeping full associativity between the systems


Syncs with electrical schematics

  • Design once - and get both electrical & fluid representations automatically

  • Build a single Bill of Materials (BOM) and avoid duplicates

  • Edit your design in one place, and changes are updated everywhere else: all changes are represented across electrical and fluid views automatically.



Automotive, Aerospace, Special Vehicles, Machinery





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