Which E3.series modules are recommended for Industrial Automation?

Leonardo Velloso

Posted by Leonardo Velloso Apr 17, 2019

Reading: 10 minutes
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In our last week's article, Industrial Automation: Obstacles, Solutions, and Tools we talked about the challenges, goals, and solutions for the industrial automation industry. Now we will go deeper into which module of the E3.series software for electrical engineering are most recommended to solve the challenges of the Industrial Automation industry and why.

Industrial Automation: Obstacles, Solutions and Tools

Lucas Leão

Posted by Lucas Leão Apr 17, 2019

Availabe in: GermanSpanish | Portuguese

robotics_e3Long ago manufacturing was done through skilled individuals to develop tools and items for selling, or bartering. These days the term artisan for developing such items has been replaced by industries setting up specific facilities to manufacture products. This is still the norm in today’s industry for developing consumables for customers. But, the next set in manufacturing evolution has developed the use in lights-out facilities. This also goes by the alias of industrial automation.  

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