CAD vs CAE vs CAM: What is the Difference?

Lucas Leão

Posted by Lucas Leão Sep 27, 2017

What is CAD? What is CAE? What is CAM? What are these softwares and how are they different from one another? The first thing to know about all three of these systems is the first two letters in each abbreviation. “CA” stands to Computer-Aided, which means that all three systems are created to help the user to achieve his goal faster by using the power of computers for processing. The last letter for CAD, is Design, for CAE, is Engineering, and for CAM, is Manufacturing. These are engineering and manufacturing software programs. Each one is has its own purpose. The article will dive into a high-level look at all three systems and how they are used and their overall purpose.

Node Locked and Floating licenses: what’s the difference?

Matheus Motta

Posted by Matheus Motta Aug 03, 2017

While buying an engineering software you can find, among others, two common types of licenses: Node Locked and Floating. We’ll explain briefly the differences between them and to whom these licenses fit the most.

10 new features that will make your job easier in the E3.series 2017

Matheus Motta

Posted by Matheus Motta Jul 26, 2017

The 2017 version of the E3.series software brings new features that guarantee greater efficiency and ease in the formulation and implementation of electrical projects. Being a software made by those who understand engineering for those who love engineering, the E3.series seeks to incorporate in its updates requests and suggestions made by its users, engineering leaders in the world, aiming at developing advanced electrical projects in the shortest amount of time and with the least effort possible.

We highlighted among this version new features, ten that will further facilitate your work, each with a brief demonstration video.

(We recommend watching the videos in HD for better viewing)

E3 2017

How to Identify Weak Points In Your Own Electrical Design Process

Lucas Leão

Posted by Lucas Leão Mar 22, 2017

The electrical design process is a methodical step-by-step process for solving a problem. Engineers use this process all the time for product development. What are some common electrical design aspects that need to be focused on in the process. What are the areas that we often overlook because we just know that this will work? What is electrical design? What is its process? and What specific details do we miss during the trip?

PLC Selection and Proper Documentation Systems

Lucas Leão

Posted by Lucas Leão Jan 20, 2017

Last week we dived into the fine world of PLCs and what they can offer manufacturing and supply industries. This time we are going to look at PLCs in a very technical aspect addressing how to properly select one for your application, and the important documentation system that makes life easier for engineers and technicians.

Distribution System Planning and Design

Lucas Leão

Posted by Lucas Leão Jul 06, 2016

Power distribution systems need detailed care and consideration when planning and designing. The power system is crucial to keep day to day operations functioning properly. Let us look at some of the important aspects distribution system planning and design.

How to Calculate your employee's Cost with Overhead costs

Lucas Leão

Posted by Lucas Leão Jun 16, 2016

Direct cost is a prime indicator of how much a company is spending on resources and equipment for production. This is a good start to understanding how much it costs to produce a product. What is not taking into consideration is the indirect cost for production. Employees are not generally included in direct cost and are often neglect in determining the final cost of production. But, what does it really cost for production directly vs indirectly?

Recap over the History of Electrical Design

Lucas Leão

Posted by Lucas Leão May 10, 2016

Technology is growing at an impressively exponential rate leaving past innovation as a distant memory.  Electrical design has evolved over the decades from using scratch paper, to draft schematics, to the use of CAD software. The original automobile was essentially a horse and carriage that transformed into a gas powered vehicle that travels at speeds that could never be achieved by horse. 

Industrial Machinery Control Panel Optimization

Lucas Leão

Posted by Lucas Leão Apr 14, 2016

Increased motor controller efficiency, improved productivity, and improved drive out cost are a few of the major changes that companies are striving for by optimizing electrical control panels. Control panel engineers and designs are focusing on challenges involved with existing designs in order to utilize the best performance possible. These challenges deal with environmental deployment, safety cost, electromagnetic interference noise concerns, and optimizing control panel space.

Design Engineering for Power Plant Generation Systems

Lucas Leão

Posted by Lucas Leão Apr 07, 2016

Power Plant energy efficiency is vital to maintain minimal consumption rate within the facility. Energy efficiency is the effective means of optimally configuring in house control systems to use only power necessary without waste. This article goes into the concerns when developing a facility and how energy efficiency is not an easy task.

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