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Online Courses: Designing with E3.Series

Learn how to use E3.series and master one of the best software for electrical projects in the world.

Electrical Design Training, Online Courses details

“It is very practical and even with a basic training you're able develop a project in short time.”

Lucas A. da Silva
Project Leader / Engineering, MWM International Motores

Electrical Design Training, Online Courses description

Online Training Description

The online courses are designed for professionals and companies seeking quick and flexible training on E3.series software.

You’ll learn how to develop projects with E3.series electrical design software using the main modules used in the market.  

It’s fully online, so you choose when and where you want to study. The training includes license of the software, community and virtual library for two full months wherever and whenever you want.

Electrical Design Training, Online Courses tutorials

You’ll also have the support of an online virtual classroom, exclusive teaching materials, and specialized tutors to answer your questions.

This will give you the basic ability to reduce your project development time and cost vs. traditional electrical design methods with non-intelligent tools like CAD.

Online Electrical Design Training Program

The course is divided in 4 weeks:
Week 1
  • Introduction to E3.series software - Applications and importance in the industry
  • Software Configuration - Adapting to your needs
  • Database - Settings
  • Libraries - The importance of creating custom libraries
Week 2
  • Libraries - Creating appropriate libraries
  • CLP
  • Schematics - E3.schematic module
Week 3
  • Schematics - E3.schematic module
  • Cables - E3.cable module
Week 4
  • Cables - E3.cable module
  • Panel Module - Creating panels
  • Generating lists - Application in industry
  • Extensions E3.series

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The total training cost per participant is R$199.90

This includes:

✔   2 month access
✔   28 video lessons
✔   Download version for training
✔   Access to the virtual community
✔   Pedagogical plan
✔   Virtual Classroom
✔   Specialized Tutors to answer your questions
✔   Courseware

We’ll not share your email with anybody, period.

Ok, tell me how to get it

Just fill the form left and we’ll tell you how to get your license and go over a few simple steps to get you the training you need.

Frequent Questions

What platforms are used for the online training?
Our online training environment is hosted using the platform Moodle, where you can watch the video training session and also ask any questions.

How many people can participate on the online training?
Online training is limited to one user per purchased seat.

Do we get training certificates?
No. The online training will only give you the knowledge. However, if you complete our on-site training successfully we’ll give you a certificate of completion.
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